Initial prototypes for the Scottoiler system appeared over twenty five years ago, when Fraser Scott began to investigate and invest in the potential of his idea. As a life-long motorcyclist, the initial idea came to Fraser when he was commuting from Glasgow to Manchester on a regular basis to meet with a girlfriend! Due to the high mileage that Fraser was travelling, he found himself having to continually adjust or change his chain. Under the name of FM Scottoilers Ltd, Fraser first made the Scottoiler available to the public in 1986, finally settling on trading as Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd in 1992. Since then continual improvements and innovations have culminated in today’s vSystem and Mark 7 range of kits.The current premises are now located at the start of the West Highland Way, in Milngavie near Glasgow, this is where the Scottoiler is not only assembled and despatched but has also allowed the company to expand their research and development area which will be utilised for future products.

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