Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets

For Schuberth there is no better environment for developing new high-tech head-protection systems than Formula 1. Schuberth uses this enormous advantage when developing high-performance motorcycle helmets. All motorcycle helmets are tested in the Schuberth’s own wind tunnel, where their aero acoustics and aerodynamics are optimised.
Schuberth and Michael Schumacher will continue their cooperation during his excursions into the world of motorbike sports. As head tester he is going to be involved in the development of the new Schuberth motorcycle helmets going forward.
Schuberth also offers head-protection systems for the police, military, industrial safety and fire service sectors; these and many more valuable research results are integrated into the further development of the Schuberth motorcycle helmets. After all, the focus is on just one thing: your safety.

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