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R&G, or R and G Racing as they are often referred to, are a bespoke manufacturer of high quality Motorcycle Products and are now one of the leading brand names in Motorcycle Crash Protectors in the UK, Europe and the U.S.A. With an ever expanding range of high quality CNC machined products including; R&G Crash Protectors, R&G Tail Tidies, R&G Crash Bobbins and Chain Guards, R and G Racing are now producing heated grips, shock covers and Case Covers, etc as well as winning outright accolades such as the Ride Magazine Best Buy for their Motorcycle Waterproof Cover.
A meteoric rise in the motorcycle industry has seen R&G become the dominate player in motorcycle crash protection and tail tidies, utilising modern CNC machining and aircraft-grade metals, as well as other materials setting standards for the open market. R&G now boast the widest range and best quality in the industry and export to over 30 countries worldwide. Motorcycle specific  is a comprehensive listing of all products by manufacturer, model and year.


To find it easier to find your R&G product please use the listing below;

R&G Motorcycle Tail Tidy is a full listing by Motorcycle Manufacturer and then Motorcycle specific listing

R&G Crash Protectors is a full listing of every Motorcycle Crash protector by Motorcycle Manufacturer and Motorcycle specific

R&G Motorcycle Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards by manufacturer and then Motorcycle specific listing

R&G paddock Stand Bobbins is a fully comprehensive list of specific fittings listed by manufacturer and then by Motorcycle specific

R&G Toe and Chain Guards by Motorcycle Manufacturer and then Motorcycle Specific listing

R&G Engine Case Covers, by Motorcycle anufacturer and by Motorcycle Specific

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