Lindstrands Motorcycle Clothing

Jofama is a long established Swedish company who have been manufacturing motorcycle clothing for the Scandinavian coutries and Baltic stated for many years. We enjoy holding the largest market share in many of these countries, none more so than our own market of Sweden.
Jofama was founded in Malung in 1926 by the entrepreneur Mr Niss Oskar Jonsson. The company was given the name JOFA, which comes from JOnssons FActories.
In 1958 the Norwegian daughter company Jofama AS was founded, which was re-named to Jofama AS in 1998. Jofama AS is located in Kongsvinger, 70 km north of Oslo and 180 km west from the company base in Malung.
In 1973 the company who dealt with sport equipment and leather garments was separated in two parts. Volvo bought the sport division and kept the name JOFA, which still is a worldwide famous brand for hockey- and other sports equipment. Mr Jonsson kept the leather division and re-named it to JOFAMA (JOnssons FActories MAlung), which has remained to the present day.
Jofama is today one of Scandinavia’s largest and oldest leather fashion companies. Today, we manufacture both motorcycle and snowmobile garments under the following brand names: Jofama, Halvarssons and Lindstrands. We use our own technical membrane Dryway. We also produce Hi-Art, a high abrasion resistant textile which is used in many of our products, along with Outlast, a temperature controlling liner under licence.
We feel that a comfortable rider is also a safe rider and our commitment to producing safe, functional, hi-tech and comfortable garments have led to a long history of supplying to the Swedish, Norwegian, British and Czech police and military, whilst receiving acclaim from Ride Magazine.
The conditions we experience in Scandanavia can be quite extreme, even in the warmer months. Tempreture swings of over 20 degrees in a relatively short period is not uncommen. It is with this climate in mind that we produce our motorcycle and snowmobile clothing and therefore we feel we have a unique product in that few other manufacturers share this experience.
Today, the company is owned by three people: Fredrik Mellgren, Jan Elfstrom and Peter Eriksson. Peter Eriksson has for some years been nominated by the Swedish Standard Institute to be an expert on the WG9 working group. This group is made up of several manufacturers such as Dainese, Jofama and Alpinestars and answers to the TC162 Technical Committee who in turn handle sport and leisure covered by PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
Our products can be found in following the countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Belgium.
Six years ago we extended into the German market quickly becoming well received and respected. With this success we extended yet further into the UK market by presenting our company at the 2005 Birmingham Motorcycle Show. From here our dealer network has become well established with around 30 dealers across the UK. We continue to exhibit at the NEC on behalf of dealerships and will be present again at the 2009 show.

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