Halvarssons Motorcycle Clothing

Halvarssons is a brand established in Sweden by Jofama.se who have built Halvarssons reputation for craftsmanship and tradition for nearly 65 years. Halvarssons Motorcycle Clothing Range offer unique qualities with high standards, this has been proven with the demand from Halvarssons Motorcycle Clothing worn by professionals prioritising safety requirements. Halvarssons is continuously evolving with advancing its technology and developing solutions providing security and safety in their products that hold up through sun and rain – season after season. Halvarssons Motorcycle Clothing Range now consists of Motorcycle leather and textile jackets, jeans, armour, under garments and accessories.Branded Biker are one of the few Motorcycle Dealers in the whole of the UK, to be privileged to stock and retail in the shop and online, the full Halvarssons Motorcycle and Snow Mobile Clothing and Accessories Range.
Halvarssons continually strive to incorporate solutions in developing and  providing security, safety and comfort with highly technical materials such as; HI-ART® High Abrasion Resistant Textile that serves as extra reinforcement against friction, Outlast a temperature regulating material , Dryway® and Dryway+® water and windproof membranes. Many of the leather or textile motorcycle clothing in the Halvarssons collection are treated with the TFL Cool System®, this treatment is done during the tanning, colouring and prevents heat from the sun building up. This means that black leather or textile will remain cooler than untreated white leather or textiles. Halvarssons are one of the few European brands with the right to use the newly developed Maximum Comfort FIT technology in their motorcycle gloves, as well as being the first to produce a full CE-Approved motorcycle glove in accordance with standard EN 13594 with the Safety Grip Gloves. This technology is based on the liner, membrane and outer layer being laminated together. Maximum Comfort allows the motorcycle gloves to be more flexible by ensuring that the liner, membrane and outer material stay tightly bonded even when cold and wet when you pull them off.

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