Givi Luggage

Mr. Giuseppe Visenzi established GIVI 30 years ago. A talented rider, he distinguished himself in a series of motorcycle races in the sixties, winning third place in the World Championship for 350cc in 1969.
After leaving the race world, his passion for motorcycles, together with his determination led him to commit himself in the planning and realization of motorcycle accessories establishing the Company GIVI, which in a very short time has become one of the most important and competitive producers of motorcycle accessories, nationally and worldwide. Its production facilities are located in Italy, Flero, nearby Brescia; which controls production starting from the design, development, product engineering and the final distribution stage.
The brand that is now present in more than 40 Countries, the team makes use of the most modern and efficient technologies in the fields of planning and industrial automation, in order to develop products with an innovative design and the best quality/price relation. Being able to evolve and adapt to the new motorcycle models has made GIVI an industry leader.

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