EBC HH Motorcycle Brake Pads

Founded in 1978, the EBC Brakes Group is still a private company owned exclusively by the current managing director Andy Freeman. From its early days of being one of the pioneers of the disc brake pad aftermarket for motorcycles since they were first introduced on motorcycles in 1976, EBC Brakes has grown to be a worldwide group with strengths in every area of the brake industry. Pioneers in the true sense of the word, describes the EBC Group.
Having successfully dominated the motorcycle industry with majority market shares in most western markets, EBC Brakes has developed a huge range of brakes for mountain bikes, automobiles, race and rally cars, vans, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and even mainline locomotives. Being also the last truly independent British friction materials manufacturer, EBC Brakes has manufacturing facilities in Northampton & Bristol, England as well as Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. EBC products are distributed throughout the world with distributors in many countries.
For over twenty years now, EBC has been the dominant force in motorcycle brakes all over the world with a list of national and world championship winners using our products, looking like the who’s who of racing. EBC Brakes have been used by the last three successive World Super Sport Champions in motorcycle road racing alone. EBC is a pad people will actually “buy” and as all road racers know, a free pad is one thing but the best is worth paying for if it will help you win races.
EBC directed its focus onto the automotive market in the early 90’s and quickly made its mark with ranges such as the new R90 approved Ultimax pad range followed by domination in the sport brake market with its Greenstuff Kevlar brakes and Red Ceramic brake pad ranges. The new hybrid range of Yellowstuff pads for track and street were quick to follow along with two ranges of drilled and slotted sport brake rotors. EBC continues to expand its business worldwide on the automotive market and is the brake pad of preference by most online retailers who provide a service for enthusiast drivers who refuse to accept cheap products that fills the shelves of high street stores.
The motto at EBC Brakes and EFI is NOT to import any brake product from third world countries and to manufacture every piece possible in its own facilities. We are proud of our products, proud of our team that work for us, and intend to continue to develop our ideas based on British and US manufacturing of quality products for the discerning buyer.

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