Givi PLR6409 Pannier Holders Triumph Tiger 800 2011 on

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These Givi PLR6409 Rapid Release Monokey Side Case Holders are designed to fit the Triumph Tiger 800, 2011 models and onwards, allowing Monokey Cases to be fitted, and removed, quickly and easily from these side rails.


These Givi PLR6409 Pannier Holders Triumph Tiger 800 2011 on including the Triumph Tiger 800 XC and the Triumph Tiger 800 XR models are designed to accept traditional Givi Monokey Cases on to these side rails. For additional luggage space the Givi SRA6401 Aluminium Monokey Rear Rack or the Givi SR6401 Monokey Rack are available to fit a Givi Top Box or Case. The Givi PLR fitting system is incredibly light, functional and durable and is manufactured from Black tubular steel and is designed to enhance the motorcycles profile. As these rails are Rapid Release they can be quickly removed to give your motorcycle its original appearance when the panniers are not required. A Givi S250 Tool Box combined with the Givi TL1146KIT fitting kit can be fitted on to the left or right hand side, between the upper and lower pannier rails, of these Givi PLR6409 Pannier Holders.


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