Fine Vision Arai Clear Insert SAL Type


Fine Vision Clear Anti Fog Visor Insert for Arai Motorcycle Visors, for both Pinlock pinned and non pinned Visors.


This Fine Vision clear visor insert is self adhesive and manufactured from Optical Grade Polyester with an anti fog coating. Fine Vision offers UV protection and is ideal as an all year round solution to a fogging Visor. Fine Vision anti fog visor inserts are designed tobe maintenance free but may require periodic cleaning with liquid green soap, luke warm water and a soft moist cloth and the left to naturally air dry.

AraiMotorcycle Helmets that this Visor insert fit include;

Arai Corsair,
Arai Viper Gt,
Arai Astro R,
Arai Astro J,
Arai Chaser,
Arai Condor,
Arai Quantum E,
Arai Quantum F,
Arai NR5,
Arai RV,
Arai SV,
and the Arai Axces


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