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HI-ART® High Abrasion Resistant Textile Technology

Halvarssons Motorcycle Clothing


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HI-ART® High Abrasion Resistant Textile the high protection technology that may just save your skin. HI-ART® is a material that has been developed by Jofama.SE for their Halvarssons and Lindstrands Motorcycle Clothing Range, for use in exposed areas on many of their garments. This has allowed Jofama to increase frictional resistance by over 500% for textiles and over 200% for leather – without the clothing becoming overly expensive.

HI-Art® is a material very similar to terry cloth. The thread is guided towards the outside, in small loops, meaning friction is taken by the short ends of the fibres. It is like cutting a piece of wood – it is much more difficult to cut in the direction of the grain than across the grain.

Remember if you crash at 110km/h, it will be another five to seven seconds before you come to a stop. At this speed on asphalt, normal clothing would only survive a fraction of a second! HI-ART is alsoa CE approved material which is a low conductor of heat with the versatility and flexibilty in comfort and safety required for motorcycle riding when touring, road or trackthat can be found inthe Jofama, Halvarssons and Lindstrands Motorcycle Clothing Range.