SHIFT-IT was the first company in the UK, possibly in the world too, to produce a product specifically designed to clean motorcycle helmets and visors. A cleaning product that could be used to quickly clean all types of helmet and visor without scratching or smearing.Considering the complexity of modern helmets – including the use of polycarbonate, Kevlar, firbreglass and combinations of these and other composites – it was no small task. After months of trials and tests, the chemist produced the product known today as SHIFT-IT.Since its conception, SHIFT-IT has become an essential part of many bikers’ accessories, such as the motorcycle police, race teams, training schools, couriers and the general public alike. These products are not taken from the car industry and simply packaged for the motorcycle trade, but are extensively tried, tested and manufactured, just the way SHIFT-IT say they are: “BY BIKERS FOR BIKERS”

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