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About Autocom Motorcycle Intercoms

Branded Biker/J&B motorcycles are now the dealer and stockists for lincolnshire and Norfolk.

In 1989 Tom decided that he'd like an intercom system for his own bike so that he could talk to his frequent passengers.

"Simple" he thought, so he and his partner rode to the nearest bike shop and bought a rider to passenger system as reccomended by the shop. They fitted it to their helmets there and then before setting off for home again.

When they got home Tom telephoned the shop to tell them that his new intercom system must be faulty, because as soon as he reached open roads and speeds over 30mph the system became totally useless!

They returned to the shop and were given a new system. however the result was the same! they even tried other systems but always achieved the same results.

At this stage most of us would just give up or accept that when you're travelling at speed on a bike the wind noise is bound to overide and even cancel out the volume of your speech...

But not Tom Beman...

As a highly proficient electronics designer, tom decided that if he could not get what he wanted off the shelf, he would have to design and manufacture a system for his own use and that's precisely what he did! His brainchild was the first high quality noise cancelling motorcycle intercom system. It worked so well Tom soon realised that there must be many fellow motorcyclists who would benefit from his new system.

Hence Autocom was born:

Today, Autocom Products Limited has evolved into the world's premier motorcycle communication system manufacturer.

Branded Biker ( JandB Motorcycles ) are now the dealer and stockist for both Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

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